Winston-Salem Journal front page headline story in the Jan. 25, 2007 edition: FORECLOSURE DISPUTE DRAWS IRE OF BLACK LEADERS (Some say bank's actions on Trade Street hurt whole community)



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To: Mechanics and Farmers Bank/M&F Bancorp, Inc.
We are opposed to the position that Mechanics & Farmers Bank has taken with regard to a business that has been a force in our community. Although Mechanics & Farmers Bank has consistently refused to provide pay off information, Wiley Brown & Associates, LLC has secured financing through a Community Bank for $100,000 more than is currently owed to Mechanics & Farmers. We believe that the Mechanics and Farmers Bank refusal to resolve this matter by accepting the money that is owed contradicts your mission statement. We further believe that this has had a negative effect on the community as a whole and we refuse to stand by while another business is put out of business unjustly. We urge Mechanics & Farmers to stand by your mission statement and do what is right and just. Letís keep small businesses thriving in our community by doing what is right.
Your personal information will not be released to the public.  Comments will be posted to our voice page. Only names and zip codes will be presented to the bank from this petition. This information is being used to encourage the bank to accept the money that is owed to them and to operate with honesty and integrity.
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