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A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1
he fact of the matter is people will manipulate the legal system and choose great riches (money) when they know what they are doing is morally and ethically wrong. The bottom line is the choices we make today will have an eternal effect. Let us choose today if we will stand for moral rightness or unjust enrichment.

Unnamed source, submitted 01/21/07

I hope the bank will do the right thing and give them their building back. Remember the bible says no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.

Concern in Winston-Salem, submitted 01/21/07

I worked extensively with Tanya Wiley Brown to provide them financing to further the growth of their business and the renovation of downtown Winston Salem. I called Mechanics and Farmers on several occasions to let them know I have an approval to refinance the building. They were unresponsive and refused to grant an adequate amount of time for me to complete the financing. In the several years I have been providing commercial property financing I have NEVER worked with a bank that was not willing to work with the client to the extent that Mechanics and Farmers did. In my opinion there seems to have been another agenda with them.

James Young, submitted 01/22/07

I have had my share of trouble with them. I wish you luck with this and will be praying they will do what is right and WB will get their building back.

Patricia, submitted 01/22/07

Mechanics & Farmers Bank was founded to help the community that has historically been left out. I am very shocked and surprised to hear that they are conducting themselves this way. I pray that they will do the right thing.

J.C, submitted 01/22/07

I am quite disturbed to hear that this whole situation is even taking place, Tanya Wiley is a business woman of amazing character and grace. She has helped numerous people of every race and gender to better themselves and their communities and any person or establishment that would seek to hinder her endeavors needs to take a look at themselves and see what they really hope to accomplish with the goals that they have set for themselves on a whole.

Doty, submitted 01/22/07

I am very disappointed in the bank. I was actually considering opening a business account there, but this is not the first story like this that I have heard. Good luck with the fight. Contact me if there's more I can do to help

Matthew, submitted 01/22/07

I am very concerned that any financial institution would not accept money that is owed to them. But I am even more concerned that someone who has worked so hard in our community is being treated this way. If a board member is treated this way, as a community we should definitely be concerned about how the bank will respond to our needs.

Veronica, submitted 01/22/07

I strongly support Mrs. Wiley's position. She has been a powerful force in bringing about positive change for Winston-Salem. I think that Southern Community bank realizes what a important and respectable businesswoman Tanya Wiley is and how important it is to help support her in her role as an important leader in our community.

Jack S, submitted 01/22/07

I urge Mechanics and Farmers Bank to resolve this situation. We have a hard enough time keeping our businesses going without fighting each other. This just seems like a "no brainer" if the money is there to pay them and they will not accept it something is wrong with upper management at the bank. I'm sorry to hear this.

Sheila, submitted 01/22/07

My prayers are with you. M&F bank has a history of being difficult to work with, but with a change in leadership perhaps this will have a positive effect on your situation.

Bill F, submitted 01/22/07

I have seen the major development going on downtown Winston Salem and I know that Ms. Wiley was there before other people believed in downtown. I pray that the bank will do the right thing because it would be a tremendous loss if they lose this building.

Linda R., submitted 01/22/07

What is happening to Tanya Wiley is beyond my comprehension. Why is one company attempting to destroy another? Money? Greed? Envy? What?

Linda P, submitted 01/22/07

This is a shame. It's already hard enough to be in your own business and we have had our share of injustice from corporate america. We really don't need to be acting like this with each other. I really am disappointed with the Leadership of Mechanics & Farmers Bank. This just doesn't make sense.

Jonn T, submitted 01/22/07

We need to strive to ensure that our local entrepreneurs have every opportunity to succeed.

Ruben G, submitted 01/22/07

My wife and I urge the bank to settle this by accepting the money. We moved our money out of the bank because of problems our church had, but we do believe that the bank can be a tremendous help to us if they will get their act together. It's never too late for change.

C.T. M, submitted 01/22/07

I have known Tanya Wiley for more than ten years and in those years she has always been one to help others. In the midst of all of this I understand that she is still trying to help children and I applaud those efforts. M&F should rethink their position on this. Our community cannot afford the negative publicity that this is going to cause. Please do the right thing. Our community needs healing not division.

Maurice E, submitted 01/22/07

M&F has been around for many years and I hope that they will work to resolve this. The founding forefathers of the bank would not be happy with this mess.

Roosevelt F, submitted 01/22/07

This is the most outrageous thing about a bank that I have heard in a while. It makes African Americans look bad that they can't work something like this out. If the lady has the money - why not accept it?

Penelope C, submitted 01/22/07

This situation is quite disturbing. I have never heard of a bank not wanting to be paid off. I have also not heard of a financial institution that is supposed to be established for the community behaving this way. My prayers are with you all; including the bank. Sounds like they need it more than the ones who they are trying to harm

Bob B, submitted 01/22/07

This situation has been brought to my attention from a discussion with the senior partner of Wadell Consulting. My support in this comes from the absolute disbelief that M&F Bancorp, Inc. would not allow Wiley Brown & Assoc. to make good on this account, actually far exceeding that with an additional $100,000. What is their true motivation in this? I question the position they are taking which makes no logical sense. Just moving here from California, I am just amazed that this type of obvious business practice would even part-take in today's business world. However, then I was given some insight as to the new revitalization taking place downtown and what this will mean to those who do own these buildings. Winston-Salem has a bright future ahead of itself and what I see is the same transformation that Sacramento, California went through in the old historic downtown, which now takes in millions of dollars each year and also houses one of the largest Jazz festivials in California. I believe in my opinion this economic gain that is coming for WS maybe some of the motive that drives M&F Bancorp Inc. to be less then cooperative in this situation. I send not only my support but best wishes and blessings to Wiley Brown & Assoc. with the hope that the M&F Bancorp Inc. wakes up and does the RIGHT THING -Jennifer Stephens

Jennifer S, submitted 01/23/07

When I initially heard about this situation I thought that perhaps I was misunderstanding the facts, but now I understand that the fact is that Wiley Brown has a commitment to pay M&F all their money and M&F will not accept the money. I also understand that many individuals have tried to assist with resolving this and the bank has been unresponsive. I believe that we as a community have a responsibility to show M&F bank that what they are doing is not consistent with their mission statement. I have told all my associates who have accounts there to close them.

Constance S, submitted 01/23/07

I am very sorry to hear that a bank is conducting business like this. I have worked in the banking industry for more than 15 years and I have never known a financial institution to not want to accept money owed to them. Moreover, my friends at First Community Bank, which is a black owned institution, are surprised to hear of such behavior. It's not too smart for bankers to disrespect the City in which they must live and work.

Sarah S, submitted 01/23/07

I stand behind Tanya Wiley Brown and Dorrel Brown in their petition to re-gain their business in the Winston Salem Downtown area. I have known Tanya all of her life, and Dorrel for the past 15 years. They are both hardworking young people with a heart for the people of Winston Salem. They both stand behind what they believe in and have wisdom and maturity way beyond their years. I trust them and believe whole heartedly in them and their dream for both their business and the growth of the Winston Salem Community.

Andrea W, submitted 01/23/07

this is highly upsurd. we shouldn't be making things that much harder for our own people trying to make it in this already hard world.

Syncere M, submitted 01/23/07

I can sum this up with two words Greed and Money. I understand that a large condominium complex valued at 17 million is going up across the street and on the other side is a 14 million dollar project. Being in between those buildings will force this property value up and a sister and brother owning it is just what we need downtown. This is a travesty that our own bank is doing this to these people. It never ceases to amaze me - our ancestors are probably turning over in their graves

James B, submitted 01/24/07

I am writing this in support of Ms. Wiley. I know her to be a person of great character and her work with the youth and the community are unmatchable. I pray that this will soon come to a resolve as it appears that the Winston Salem USA community is being harmed by the actions of this bank. Banks are in business to serve the community not hurt the community.

Princeton A, submitted 01/24/07

With the existing state of the world it is unfortunate that our people are not only subjected to injustice when doing business in a corporate setting, but also with each other. This story is one that I hope will have a positive ending for all parties involved. We must support our brothers and sisters.

James M, submitted 01/24/07

Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better. ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This can be resolved and should be resolved NOW!

Felix B, submitted 01/24/07

Mechanics & Farmers Bank does not have the best reputation in the world but I was very surprised to hear about this. It's a shame that this situation has sifted into the public's eye because that bank does not have the best track record. I'm so sorry about all this.

Martha R, submitted 01/24/07

Obviously there is a hidden agenda here on the part of Mechanics & Farmers Bank. Their position is one which I imagine will come back to bite them - as the saying goes: what goes around comes around. Tanya and Dorel are wonderful people who bring a great deal to the community. I can only imagine that the banks reputation will suffer greatly from this. Someone in a positon of authority there should step up and handle this in the appropriate manner - take the money owed to them and move on.

Susan C, submitted 01/24/07

I used to bank with Mechanics & Farmers when I lived in Winston Salem, North Carolina and my husband and I closed our accounts due to issues with confidentiality. Although we were not happy with the situation we had, I would have never believed the bank would do something like this. Customer service is key to building which might explain why there has been a distinct lack of growth with that institution as compared to others.

Felicia P, submitted 01/24/07

What a mess! Unfortunately I'm not surprised that it is M&F bank that's involved in this. I have had my share of problems with them. When I married my husband he insisted that I close my checking account because of problems he had with them.

Latonya F, submitted 01/24/07

Please add my name to your petition. I will attend the press conference tomorrow because I am completely ashamed of this bank. They are in our community and disrespecting our leaders. What a shame.

Clara D, submitted 01/24/07

Downtown Winston Salem is now experiencing much growth and this community bank is taking a "big" bank position. However, even big banks understand that serving the community is critical to their success. I hate to see what is going to happen with this situation. The bank should seriously reconsider their position.

Frederick A, submitted 01/24/07

There is no reason that I can see why this shouldn't be resolved. I worked in the banking industry for years and I have never heard of a bank not wanting to accept money that is owed. There has got to be some other agenda here.

Joann S, submitted 01/24/07

I understand foreclosure issues, but what I don't understand is a bank not wanting to accept a pay off - no matter what state a loan is in. Add my name to your petition.

Sheila T, submitted 01/24/07

This is yet another example of how small business owners who periodically fall into a loop are unjustly forced to closure without a fair chance to resolve the matter. Hopefully with the voices that are sounding through this petition a chance will come concerning how small business owners are treated in a crisis.

Charlene T, submitted 01/25/07

We at Elite Financial tried to assist Ms. Wiley with her Mortgage needs, but we found it very difficult to manuever around M&F

Stev F, submitted 01/25/07

Mr. Banker, What we do today, will affect the outcome of tomorrow! Do what is fair and just. Life demands it!

Montgomery B, submitted 01/25/07

This is a travesty. When someone (I don't care who it is) works so hard to build something and a financial institution refuses to accept money owed to them I believe the community should fight with them. If they will do it to them, they will do it to others in the community

Darius M, submitted 01/27/07

Restore the Wiley Brown Group to the property on trade street so that they can continue their efforts in being a staple in the downtown area and remain an asset to the community-at-large and especially in the afican-american community. I have faith that Mechanics & Farmers will do the right thing for Wiley-Brown as well as the Greater W-S community.

Kenneth A, submitted 01/29/07

I think it's sad that M&F and Wiley and Brown could not reach a settlement without all the drama. We have come to far for this...or have we?

Shontae' O, submitted 01/29/07

This is absurd! Take your money and settle this before it gets out of hand. Although i do not live in NC I can tell you that I am a part of this community and we cannot afford this type of fall out. Please add my name to the petition.

Curtis P, submitted 01/29/07

M&F and Wiley Brown should be able to resolve this short of public embarrassment. I certainly hope that the bank will accept the money owed to them because it seems like this is not legal.

Alexis C, submitted 01/29/07

Blacks Holding Down Blacks, How Can We Ever Progress?

Orrin B, submitted 01/30/07

Just do the right thing and allow this business to continue. Remember that things come back on you and you WILL lose business. I am not sure that you can afford the outcome in the long run if you continue this madness. As I stated before DO THE RIGHT THING!

Darla H, submitted 01/30/07

Any time a bank refuses to accept money that is owed to them it is obvious what the motivating factor is - Greed! Please add my name to the petition.

Michelle P, submitted 01/31/07

Looking at this situation we all have to be mindful that as we do business that there is an even higher business person and that is God. To know what the right thing to do is and still don't do it is an involuntary admission level of your integrity. I am in full support of Wiley Brown & Associates, LLC. God has chosen to use them as a tool to work through to expose the true heart and agenda of Mechanics and Farmers Bank/M&F Banccorp, Inc. Injustice for one is an injustice for us all, no matter what race, color, or creed. We all happens to fall in one category the human race and we all happens to have one advesary the Devil. He may work through others but we all know that he is a defeated foe and God works through humans as well but we are victorious in Christ. I decree and declare Isaiah 54:17 (NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL PROSPER; AND EVERY TONGUE THAT SHALL RISE AGAINST THEE IN JUDGEMENT THOU SHALL CONDEMN. THIS IS THE HERITAGE OF THE SERVANTS OF THE lORD, AND THEIR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS OF ME, SAITH THE LORD.KJV)across this entire situation and let God arise and his enemies be scattered, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN

Matilda G, submitted 02/01/07

I am very sad to hear that a minority bank has placed themselves in such a herendous position. Other state and national banks would probably love the opportunity to gain so much equity in a property; but their business sense would overcome that greedy desire. It's unfortunate that M&F has made it clear who their leadership is made of. I am not proud to be a professional African-American by this experience. If I ever thought to refer clients to M&F for banking relationships, that idea has now fallen by the wayside.

Jenna E, submitted 02/01/07

I work in the banking industry and unfortunately according to banking regulations this bank will definitely be adversely affecting by not agreeing to take the money that is due them. It is not possible for an institution to conduct themselves this way and remain in good standing. I wish you all well.

Katherine K, submitted 02/01/07

This is a very serious situation and I would suggest that the bank take the money that is owed to them and both parties move on. It is not customary for a community bank to respond to a customer this way. Based on what i have read about Winston Salem, it appears that the downtown is progressing to a point where this property value has probably doubled. Its too bad that although the bank understands big business they don't quite understand community good will. Why did the President resign?

Daniel M, submitted 02/02/07

I am completely shocked and surprised to hear that an African American institution has responded to an African American owned business in this matter. It would be one thing if there was no money available but all businesses have difficult times at some point. Look at Delta, USAirways, Donald Trump, etc etc. I hope this business can work out of this and when that does happen this bank will obviously be very sorry that they responded this way. Please add my name to the petition.

Marilyn A, submitted 02/05/07

Add me to the petition. I can't believe this. I have been a huge advocate for black owned financial institutions and this is completely contrary to what i have worked so hard for. Good luck

Harold A, submitted 02/05/07

A colleague from Nebraska sent me an email about this situation. Coincidentally i had a similar situation with a residential property and after pulling together enough support the bank did resolve matters so i recommend that you keep this situation alive. Community opposition proved to be my only way of resolving it and in my situation there was no firm commitment so i'm sure that your situation should be able to get resolved.

Charlie P, submitted 02/05/07

I would be interested in assisting with any public display of support. Although I do not have accounts at M&F any longer my parents continue to lend their support because it is the only black institution in our town. They have mentioned their outrage at this situation.

LaTasha M, submitted 02/07/07

unbelievable that a community bank is acting as if they don't need the community anymore.

Morticia K, submitted 02/07/07

There is a higher power that we all must answer to and this bank is under the same law. I recommend that the bank return this property to it's rightful owners - wiley brown - and everyone can move on. It just doesnt make sense for a bank to not want to accept money that is due them unless there is something else at play here.

Phidelphia P, submitted 02/12/07

I too am fighting for the business on our farm and all our problems begin with the banking and illegalities. I really feel for you because I am walking in similar shoes and I too have only been an influence of a positive nature to my community. I have been caught in a snare of financial perpetration for what unknown reason. I am so glad to have learned of your situation...I have been so busy trying to keep some type of life for my 83 year old mother and me that I was totally oblivious to your horrible circumstances. I definitely hope this bank and their obstinate attitude is a thing of the past soon for the sake of the community and for your sake. I was at the Piedmont Club for the membership luncheon on Monday. One of the new membership people that was there is very prominent in working on lots of art counsels and other means of promoting our area. She was telling me some unbelievable comments that came to her son because he was black. I told her that I was stunned that such comments were still able to be voiced...I thought we were past this type of attitude and that the world was big enough for everyone. She was outraged as I would have been about the comment...I am outraged at the attitude of this bank toward your situation. I sincerely know that this is a serios underlying bomb in waiting for us all to know the reverberating effects. Abuses of this nature against the business sector must be put to rest and never see the light of day again...It is time for the bank to admit they have made a serious error. It is time the public who uses this bank makes changes in who they use...Blacklisting works...I know. I have been blacklisted and am slowly being sucked under by the system...all the while we have our military in a fake act to protect and to re-create another country into our policies and procedures of freedom... What happened to freedom in your case and my case. We need to get the problems of the United States straighened out before any more lives are wasted in a war effort that is built on fals e doctrine. Your situation must be finished and positively so. I will continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers...I wish only the best of outcomes for this situation. The risk takers of business do not deserve such treatment. I am so sorry you are having to face this situation...it should have never existed. It is mean, hateful and debilitating of energy and drive to succeed.

Veta H, submitted 02/13/07

Mechanics and Farmers has a history of making lidificult for African Americans which is ironic seeing they are supposed to be a black institution. They would not cash a check for my band even though my name was on the check and we performed for the organization for ten years. They asked for 2 signatures on the check which they could not find in their files. (paper files that is) They are a disgrace to the black community.

Randy J, submitted 02/27/07

I am surprised that this has not yet been fixed. I can only imagine what is going to happen to this bank as a result of them not doing the right thing. They don't have enough employees to handle what few customers they have. Apparently losing customers is what they want

Katrina M, submitted 03/05/07

My husband and I have a small account. We'll be closing it.

Phyllis W, submitted 03/22/07

All parties should set down, work out their concerns, and move forward. With the problems that derail citizens in our community, this situation, must be handled now. M/F knows that the property value, and without futher malice, M/F must be willing to work this problem out with Mrs Wiley. Let us join brains, for a better tommorrow.

Otis S, submitted 03/23/07

Hopefully the bank will come to there senses and settle this. Keep up the fight

Tamara G, submitted 03/23/07

I met Mrs. Wiley at an event in Durham, NC and was surprised to hear about this situation. My family has banked with M&F for many years and i'm sure my mother will not be happy about this situation. She is a huge advocate for doing what is right and after reading all this it appears that the bank has forgotten why they were founded.

Letitia S

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