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Questions & Answers

This question and answer page will be used to answer questions raised by the community and news media.  There has been inaccurate information released that will be clarified on this page. Please email questions you may have to: justice@unitewithus.org.

Question: Did the building owners have financing in place before the foreclosure sale?

Answer: Yes, there was a firm commitment from First Premium Funding out of Holbrook, New York and Elite Financial.

Question: Is it true that M&F did not list all addresses on the foreclosure sale?

Answer: Yes. M&F did not list all addresses. In fact they only listed one address(545 N. Trade St.) when in actuality the property consists of 2 separate buildings(545 N. Trade St and 550 N. Liberty) and a parking lot(538 N. Liberty). Totally 3 separate addresses. The incorrect listing of the property by M&F has raised numerous legal and ethical questions.

Question: It is has been said that Wiley Brown has not made a mortgage payment in a year.  Is this true?

Answer: As a result of continuous litigation filed by M&F and their unwillingness to accept payments, although WB has been trying to get M&F to accept payment, they have refused. WB has had refinancing capabilities since before the foreclosure sale.

Question: Has the city of Winston-Salem been harmed by M&F actions and their unwillingness to resolve this dispute?

Answer: Yes

Question: M&F stated in the Winston-Salem Journal they postponed the foreclosure once in an attempt to work with WB. Is this true?

Answer: The postponement of foreclosure was done after a $25,000.00 payment was made to M&F.

Question: Did M&F change the locks at the building before obtaining a court order?

Answer: Yes. M&F did change the locks before obtaining a proper court order and was required by Winston-Salem Police Department to either change the locks back or turn over new keys to WB. M&F turned the keys over to WB.

Question: Has M&F locked other paying tenants out?

Answer: Yes

Question: Has there been a loss of jobs as a result of this dispute?

Answer: Yes


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